Kids Tech Std. 5-6

This course is designed for grade 5 and 6 kids who is willing to learn about advance development topics such as game development , web development and basics of AI. Keeping all the hurdles in mind that kids generally encounter during their study, we have design a program in such a way that it would be very attractive and helpful to learn . Discuss, Participate and Enhance your skill set.

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Language: Hindi-English

Course Overview

This course helps the candidate further explore the world of computer programming languages like C++, Blocky & HTML along with game development using "Tynker" also the candidate will learn important mathematical operations in Vedic Maths which adds an edge to the candidate helping them better understand mathematics helping them excel effortlessly in the future along with exceptional problem-solving skills.

What you'll learn
  • Introduction to coding
  • Introduction to Technology
  • Problem Solving
  • Introduction to Blocky Programming Language
  • Game Development using tynker
  • HTML Introduction
  • HTML Elements
  • Applications
  • Introduction to C++ programming language
  • Introduction to Vedic maths
  • Complement using Vedic maths
  • Tables using Vedic
  • Multiplication tricks using Vedic formula
  • Square using Vedic tricks
  • Cubes using Vedic formula
  • Computer with Internet Connectivity
  • Dedication

Course Curriculum

  • What is coding?
  • Understanding real time problems
  • How to solve problems using coding?
  • Technology in Day to Day life
  • Technology Implementations in Schools
  • How technology is changing our lives?
  • How we can solve Maths, English, EVS by Technology
  • Break Problems into small pieces
  • Step by Step Approach
  • Solve one at a time
  • Solve your Maths problems using Flow Diagram
  • Make yourself better in Hindi, English,EVS with Technology
  • Introduction to Blocky Programming Language
  • What is Branching?
  • Understand concept of Loops
  • Understand concept of Variables
  • Understand concept of List
  • Blockly games
  • Create music application
  • Understand concept of animation
  • Create Robots dance animation
  • Create Dog animation
  • Flappy Bird game
  • Water cycle process animation
  • Letter matching game
  • Solar system
  • HTML Introdction
  • Understanding HTML versions
  • HTML5
  • HTML page structure
  • Blog/Inline elements
  • HTML Editors
  • HTML Heading
  • Paragraph
  • Comments
  • Links
  • Images
  • Classes & Ids
  • HTML Forms
  • Sample Hello World HTML Page
  • Figure draw
  • Image upload
  • Animation
  • C++ language introduction
  • Language Overview
  • Environment Setup
  • Hello world in C++
  • Introduction - What is VEDIC MATHS?
  • Benefits of Vedic Maths
  • Find complement of 1 digit number
  • Find complement of 2 digit number
  • Find complement of n digit number
  • Tables for 9/19/29/39 whose end digit is 9
  • All from 9 and the Last From 10
  • Multiplication of 2 numbers where number of digits are same in both number and sum of unit digit number is 10
  • Multiplication of 2 numbers where digits are same in both numbers except unit digit number
  • Multiplication with 11
  • Multiplication with 12
  • Universal multiplication like multiplication for following exs:-1) 2*2 2) 3*3 3)4*4 4) 2*3 5)3*46)2*4 7)3*2 etc (called as URDHVA TIRYA GAMYAM)
  • Find square of number whose unit digit is 1
  • Find square of number whose unit digit is 5
  • Find square of number whose unit digit is 6
  • Find square of number whose unit digit is 4
  • How to cubes of 2 digit number?
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We are on a mission to build a professional product-driven community around the globe where an individual can collaborate, learn, share and develop real-time use cases with trending technologies. We at iNeuron Academy believe in delivering a quality curriculum with highly qualified professional team worked as Senior Data Scientist, Deep Learning Engineer and AI researcher in leading MNC's around the globe. Our main focus is to provide the different way of expertise for freshers as well as professionals through our community which makes them work, learn, develop and to grow in the competitive industry.


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