Kids Tech Std. 1-2

This course is designed for grade 1 and 2 kids who is willing to learn about computers. Keeping all the hurdles in mind that kids genrally encounter during their study, we have design a program in such a way that it would be very attractive and helpful to learn . Discuss, Participate and Enhance your skillset.

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Language: Hindi-English

Course Overview

This course is aimed towards enabling young masterminds with basic computer competency skills and helping them get a head start in a future that is going to be technically oriented.

Young masterminds can explore the world of computers and gain the confidence required to be competent in the future.

From basic computer hardware knowledge to operating a computer, kids will learn tools such as MS paint, browsers, and introduction to coding along with learning and understanding animations.

What you'll learn
  • Computer History
  • Basic computer hardware knowledge
  • How to operate PC and Laptop
  • MS Paint
  • WikiKids
  • Browser
  • Introduction to coding
  • Basic of Technology
  • Animation Creation
  • Computer with Internet Connectivity
  • Dedication

Course Curriculum

  • Theory of computers
  • Introduction to hardware parts
  • What is CPU?
  • What is Monitor?
  • What is Mouse?
  • How to use Keyboard?
  • What is Printer?
  • PC Operation
  • Open
  • Shutdown
  • Restart
  • How to draw rectangle
  • How to draw circle
  • How to draw eyes
  • Draw Stars
  • How to use highlighter
  • How to choose pen color
  • How to fill color
  • How to load a picture in paint
  • How to use eraser in paint
  • Introduction to wikikids
  • Benefits of wikikids
  • How to use wikikids
  • How to use browser
  • Various types of browser
  • Google chrome
  • How to install google chrome
  • How to use google chrome
  • About Microsoft Edge
  • What is coding?
  • Understanding real time problems
  • How to solve problems using coding
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We are on a mission to build a professional product-driven community around the globe where an individual can collaborate, learn, share and develop real-time use cases with trending technologies. We at iNeuron Academy believe in delivering a quality curriculum with highly qualified professional team worked as Senior Data Scientist, Deep Learning Engineer and AI researcher in leading MNC's around the globe. Our main focus is to provide the different way of expertise for freshers as well as professionals through our community which makes them work, learn, develop and to grow in the competitive industry.


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