Class 10 Physics

Physics is a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. The Physics syllabus includes laws, formulas, equations, theories and series of experiments which a student must grab. The subject leads you to the real world of imagination, the planetary motions and the universe which sounds an interesting one, isn’t it? NCERT covers all the conceptual points properly but they are very summerized in the book. iNeuron allows you to explore all the content from NCERT physics in a proper manner and flow.

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Course Overview

Class 10 Physics

What you'll learn
  • Entire NCERT Class 10th Physics Syllabus
  • Chapter wise solution with detailed explanation
  • Computer with Internet Connectivity

Course Curriculum

  • Electric current and circuits
  • Electric potential and potential difference
  • Circuit diagram
  • Ohm’s law
  • Factors on which the resistance of conductor depends
  • Resistance of a system of resistors
  • Heating effect of electric current
  • Electric power
  • Magnetic field and field lines
  • Magnetic field due to current carrying conductors
  • Force on current carrying conductor in electric field
  • Electric motor
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Domestic electric circuits
  • Reflection of light
  • Spherical mirrors: Formation of image
  • Uses of spherical mirrors
  • Sources of Energy
  • Mirror formula and magnification
  • Refraction of light
  • Refraction by spherical lenses
  • Lens formula and magnification – Power of lens
  • The human eye
  • Power of accommodation
  • Defects of vision and its correction: myopia
  • Defects of vision and its correction: Hypermetropia
  • Presbyopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Refraction through prism
  • Dispersion of white light through glass prism
  • Atmospheric refraction and its effect
  • Scattering of light: Tyndall effect
  • Different forms of energy
  • conventional and non-conventional sources of energy
  • Fossil fuels, solar energy; biogas; wind, water and tidal energy; Nuclear energy
  • Renewable versus non-renewable sources of Energy
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Pursued my B.E in ECE from PESIT, Bangalore. I have more than 3 years of teaching experience in Mathematics and physics for class 9th and 10th.


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